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Nombre de messages : 18
Localisation : La cave d'une sombre taverne d'Undercity...
Date d'inscription : 18/10/2006

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MessageSujet: /Bave   /Bave EmptyMar 14 Nov - 13:35

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Nombre de messages : 263
Localisation : Devant mon PC, pas vous ?
Date d'inscription : 21/07/2006

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MessageSujet: Re: /Bave   /Bave EmptyMer 15 Nov - 16:44

C'est BÔ !! ... Ca donne envie !!

... 16 janvier 2007 Sad Evil or Very Mad

/Bave 18403
Et tout plein d'autres persos sur Elune ...
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Nombre de messages : 120
Age : 53
Date d'inscription : 26/07/2006

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MessageSujet: Re: /Bave   /Bave EmptyJeu 16 Nov - 15:07

- All players will have talent points reimbursed and will have access to new talents throughout their trees; this includes the 41-point talents. Several new abilities have also been added for all classes.
- All pets now receive a percentage of their master’s armor, spell damage, spell resistances, attack power, and stamina.
- Low-level spells cast by high-level players will receive smaller bonuses from +healing and +spell damage.
- HoTs, DoTs, and channeled spells have been re balanced to receive a more appropriate (higher) percentage of +spell damage and +healing.
- HoTs from different sources will now stack (i.e. multiple druids can cast the Rejuvenation spell on 1 target).
- New item property “Resilience” has been introduced. Resilience reduces your chance to be the victim of a critical strike, and reduces the amount of damage critical strikes do to you.
- Weapon Skill now does the following:
- Weapon skill will no longer reduce the percentage damage lost due to glancing.
- The player will gain 0.1% to their critical strike rating per weapon skill against monsters above their level.
- When casting a buff on a low level target, the appropriate rank of the buff will be automatically be applied.
- Crowd Control effects in PvP will last no longer than 12 seconds instead of the full duration, with a chance of a heartbeat resist.
- Players will no longer lose faction when under the influence of “Mind Control” or the Gnomish Mind Control Cap.
-Environmental sounds play in the background on the Character Creation screen.
-Some newly created characters start out with their racials on their action bar. *IE Nightelves start with shadowmeld, humans don't start with perception on their bar*
-Moonfire now has a moon in the animation!
-New loading screens.
-Escape artist is now an instant cast.
-Blood Fury also increases spell damage depending on your class. Increases Ranged and Mele damage for Hunters *unconfirmed*.
-The Troll Priest racial "Shadowguard" now has a different graphic for the floaty orbs.
-The Looking For Group Channel has been removed.
-Same faction players in stealth are seeable by any other player of that faction.
-Phase Shift has a new sound effect.
-Added a new Sound Levels option under sound options.
-Spellstone animation is now a green glow around your hands when activated.
-Invisibility now causes the world to become wavy and the sky white, this includes Invisibility Potions and Cloaking Devices.
-When right clicking your portrait there is a Dungeon Difficulty setting. *Has no effect on non-expansion instances*
-There is now a black swirly animation when a spell is resisted.
-The Quest log has been expanded to hold 25 quests.
-The Outlands Map is now available on the map screen.
-The Darnassus Alterac Valley Battlemaster has finally decided to join the other Battlemasters on the left side of the warrior's terrace.
-All the starting area guards have had their levels increased to 65.
-There is a courtyard door opened in Undercity.
-In order to make room for the new Looking for Group Interface button, the World Map button was moved to the top left of your minimap.
-There is a Silvermoon City teleporter NPC in the Undercity courtyard.
-All hunter's pets have been normalized to a 2.0 speed. *unconfirmed*
-There is a new ship by Auberdine that takes you to Azuremyst Isle. Players without the expansion are teleported to the nearest graveyard after a certain point.
-Reputation gained from quests appears in your general chat window instead of just in the combat log.
-Paladin Blessings and Seals have new animations!
-Spellstone and Firestone can be equipped in the Wand slot.
-The Netherwind Mantle has a new model, crystallized Banana Sundaes? *bug?*
-Many profession that used to require a recipe, plan, ect, to learn are now trainable by the corresponding profession trainer.
-Spells automatically update on your action bar when new ranks are purchased.
-The graphic on Hunter's Mark has changed.
-A new sound plays when you are dazed.
-Gouge and Backstab have new sounds.
-Arcane Shot benefits more from ranged attack power. *unconfirmed*
-Four new bank slots! And an extra bag slot that costs 25g to purchase.
-The graphic on Corruption has changed.
-New quests have been added throught the zones. Including various Draenei and Blood elf camps.
-Many new items have been added to various vendors, including Jewelcrafting Plans.
-New Sound effect on Concussion Shot.
-The maximum instanced PvP you can be in queue for at one time is 3. *bug?*
-All class specific spell books that previously dropped in dungeons are now trainable at level 60.
-Players can change their title from a drop down menu to show their highest pvp rank next to their name.
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Nombre de messages : 148
Localisation : Pas bien loin...
Date d'inscription : 27/07/2006

/Bave Empty
MessageSujet: ça donne envie tout cela...   /Bave EmptyJeu 16 Nov - 16:29

... mais c'est encore loin Exclamation

Allez en attendant il faut ENCORE que l'on s'équipe beaucoup...
Et c'est pas gagné pale


Alekza, trollesse par essence, prêtresse par conviction et enchanteresse par vocation.
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Nombre de messages : 120
Age : 53
Date d'inscription : 26/07/2006

/Bave Empty
MessageSujet: Re: /Bave   /Bave EmptyJeu 16 Nov - 17:28

Bah oui c'est loin.
Et pour s'équiper, faudrait que le gens jouent. Il n'y a pas grand monde de connecté en ce moment.
Denière sortie samedi dernier, prochaine sortie proposée samedi prochain. Ca aide pas à l'équipement.

Pour avoir un bon équipement, le mieux est Hache-Tripes, car c'est une instance à 5, et ça loote du hors set, qui a plus de bonus que les pièces de set.
En effet, l'intérêt du set est le bonus de plusieurs pièces, et comme on ne fait pas UBRS par manque de monde, on n'aura jamais les plastrons.
Sinon, on peut aussi farmer Strat/Scholo.
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MessageSujet: Re: /Bave   /Bave Empty

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